The Best Places to Take Pictures in Provo (and the surrounding area)

So, we spent a lot of time recently searching for a new, interesting place to take the Andersons‘ pictures. We googled ourselves silly all over the internet, and only  found a couple of forums where people gave their suggestions. These were helpful, but a little sparse. So we spent some time driving around town (and maybe a little ways outside of town), and we found some pretty cool places.

We’re not totally sure why there’s no comprehensive lists circling the web, because if there’s anywhere begging for this sort of list, it’s Provo. There are always students wanting to do roommate photo shoots, couples wanting to do engagements or bridals, and TONS of families looking for somewhere to accommodate their whole clan.

Like any professional photographers we have our personal list of favorite places to take pictures, but when we went searching for a list to expand our horizons, there wasn’t much of anything.

So we decided that we’d make a list.

This is going to be a constantly-updating post: we’ll put pictures up of the places we’ve been to and update the list as we try out new ones. There’s also a place for locations we haven’t shot at yet that we’ve heard are good from other photographers or forums. And we really want your suggestions for places that you think are fun to take pictures at. You don’t need to be professionals, you just need to have ideas! Give us your suggestions (both for places and ways to improve this post) in the comments!

So, here it goes:


Natural Locations:

Vivian Park and South Fork Road

Some people have a sort of a cliche feeling about Vivian Park, particularly this part of Vivian Park:

Provo Photographers

But it’s actually a pretty cool place to shoot at. First off, the little train area doesn’t have to be cliche if you just change your perspective

Provo Photographers

Provo Photographers

The real gold mine here, though, is the fact that Vivian Park is just the gateway up South Fork Road. A lot of people have only seen that area at night around a bonfire, but during the daytime it’s a perfect location to get some great pictures

Provo Photographers

Provo PhotographersProvo Photographers

Provo Photographers

The road just keeps on going, too, which means that this little park is just the beginning. Anyone been up further?


Rock Canyon

Such a versatile location! There’s the entrance that has both a really cool stage area, as well as a breathtaking view of Provo and Utah Lake.

Provo photographersProvo Photographers

Then, as you go up further into the canyon there are trees, a great bridge, and some cool rock formations quite a ways up.

Provo PhotographersProvo PhotographersProvo Photographer


Sundance Ski Resort

Sundance is a great place for pictures year round. In the summer months there’s not a ton of activity up there, so you’ve got freedom to get off the beaten path a little

Provo Photographers

Provo Photographers

The other bonus with going in the summer is that you can get closer to the buildings, since there’s no snow to block your path

Provo Photographers

But in winter, Sundance is really the place to be. The snow is so beautiful, and the landscape comes alive when it’s covered in white!

Provo PhotographersProvo Photographers

Provo Photographers


There are lots of other places around Provo that have a great outdoor feel. We’ll update this list regularly with new outings we go on, but please put your favorite outdoorsy places in a comment at the bottom!

In town:

Center Street

One great thing about Provo is Center Street. It’s full of cool old buildings, brickwork, and storefronts that are great for portraits, but also just for pictures of the buildings and features themselves. You can wander around the stores going west from University, or you can go to the government building just south of University and Center for some older architecture. There’s a ton to be said for just wandering around down there.

Provo PhotographersProvo Photographers

Provo PhotographersProvo Photographers


The bridge area in front of the LDS Motion Picture Studio

DISCLAIMER: Only the bridge area right off of 2230 n is open to the public. The picnic area behind it is private property, and if you head back there you’ll be asked to leave. But the bridge area is great! There’s some cool foliage, especially in fall.

Provo PhotographersProvo Photographers

As well as the bridge itself.

Provo PhotographersProvo Photographers

Provo PhotographersProvo Photographers

The Provo Temple

The temple is great because there are so many different angles you can shoot from. There’s the traditional shot in the front of the temple

Provo Mission PhotographersProvo Photographers

But there’s also a wide angle

Provo Photographers

And the buildings and park across the street

Provo PhotographersProvo Photographers

It’s a great, versatile location for a more spiritual feeling.


There are lots of other places in Provo that are great for spur-of-the-moment pictures. We’ll update this list regularly with new ones we discover, but please put your favorite places in a comment at the bottom!

Here are a few we’ve heard are great:

Utah State Hospitalalso called Provo Castle, there’s a big amphitheater with some really great stonework. You have to pay $20 and make a reservation to take pictures there, though. Some pictures here:

Provo City Library – The old building is classic and interesting, and the new building (attached to the back of the old) is more modern, with a glass and steel vibe.

The Shops at Riverwoods


Farther Afield

Utah is rife with great photo spots. Check out some of the links below for places that are just a little ways away from Provo!


We LOVE Provo, and love that we’ve got so many opportunities to take amazing pictures here! We hope this can be a resource and a forum for others here who feel the same way! Leave your comments below, and watch for this space to be updated with cool new locations!


*UPDATE* After asking around about this, we found something pretty cool. There’s actually a Google Map with places all over Utah that are good for taking pictures. We’ll be using this map for future photo shoots. Check it out!,-111.654053&spn=2.580821,5.625&z=8


We got some of these ideas from these places, so check them out:



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7 thoughts on “The Best Places to Take Pictures in Provo (and the surrounding area)

  1. Karin

    My husband and I took our engagement pictures at the shops at the Riverwoods, and by some of the surrounding condos, and nature. Benches, bridges, cute store fronts and houses, trees, lamp posts…it made for a very cute photo shoot!

    Neilson Grove near the Orem Walmart is also very scenic and landscaped. It has a pond with ducks and rocks, big open grassy expanses, a barn, a playground, paths, a fountain, a reflecting pool, well manicured trees and shrubs, and cute benches.

    If you’re up for a bit of a drive and a little more of an expense, Thanksgiving Point has 2 INCREDIBLE gardens! I had my bridals taken there. The larger garden is about $100 for a photographer’s pass and you have to rent a golf cart for an added fee ($25-$50 I think) because it’s so expansive, and they have beautiful waterfalls and absolutely gorgeous flowers and scenery.

    The smaller one is only $75 for the photographer’s pass and you don’t need a golf cart. It’s the one I went to because it’s cheaper and it has more structures to take pictures with. Lots of vines and ivy, a rose garden and tons of rose-covered arches leading down a path to a gazebo, a waterfall, hedges, a stone structure with arches, and a bunch of other really pretty stuff.

  2. Dawn Barton


    Thank you for sharing your blog site as reference for ideas to our upcoming photo shoot. They all look great.

    I did notice that travel out of Provo was not to prominent, so I wanted to suggest some locations in and around the Salt Lake County as follows:
    The Cottonwoods- Big and Little have awesome lakes, rivers, waterfalls, bridges, trails, and bridges.
    The Uintahs- a friend had pictures posted from Mirror Lake Highway with a waterfall in his background. Loved it.
    Parks- Liberty, Sugarhouse, Fairmont all have ponds, streams, and such. Liberty Park even has a small carnival and paddle boats.
    Salt Lake City Main Library is an awesome place. Glass building reflects the arch. Plenty of fountains and a small garden area. You can even capture City Hall as a background.
    The capital and overlook points above the capital are nice.
    I hear there is a park, Ensign Park, that is located above the capital that I would probably find interesting.
    You also mentioned, Wheeler Farm. Shots of that added to your blog would make a nice touch to help advertise in my area.
    Oh boy, sorry, but the more I think the more I can imagine awesome places. The Wasatch Front has endless options to capture those special moments.

  3. Becky

    Yes, I have been up the road past Vivian Park. There is a better, larger, prettier park called South Fork Park. It has a lot of photo possibilities. Also the road continues on past there. There are some older farms and fences and other things that would be great for rustic backgrounds. You should really take a drive, you might be pleasantly surprised!

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